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Jim Anderson making handmade paperAbout the Artist

Jim Anderson is a multi-media artist based in London. After a foundation course in Cambridge, He studied English and American Literature at Oxford University, followed by printmaking at London's Central St. Martin's School of Art. In 1995 he was elected a member of The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, with whom he exhibits annually.

He works with a wide variety of different techniques; and use of found or recycled materials is paramount. Most of his prints and paintings feature handmade, recycled paper and scrap materials somewhere along the way - thus introducing into the equation elements of cookery and alchemy.

He combines social satire and surrealism, and is influenced by sources as diverse as the Bible, the Beano, and the Kama Sutra. Favourite artists - for no particular reasons - include Andrew Logan, Paul Klee, Morris Hirschfield, and Scottie Wilson. Collectors of his work include actors, musicians, MPs, and peers of the realm; as well as nurses, teachers, and the long-term unemployable.

Since 1991 he has exhibited his work in the U.K. and abroad, and has been awarded three major prizes in national exhibitions. In 1997 he founded - with Michael Sims and Christian Pattison - The Illustrated Ape magazine. In 2000 his book Handmade Prints (co-written with artist Anne Desmet) was published by A.& C. Black.

Since visiting San Francisco in 1997 he has become increasingly interested in public art; and has worked in this country and abroad on various large-scale mosaic projects - the most ambitious of which so far was 2002's series of murals at Gertrude's Garden Children's Hospital in Nairobi. Various mosaics can be seen in London, mostly in the Camden Town area. More information about this side of Jim Anderson's work can be found online at www.kenya-mosaic.com.

He was recently - under the pseudonym The Reverend Jeremiah Hobb - a member of the now-defunct rock band Ju Ju Babies, with whom his duties included playing the theremin, designing banners and T-shirts, making sandwiches, and occasional vocals.

Work by Jim Anderson can be seen at the Bankside Gallery and at Insidespace.


Cambridge College of Arts and Technology; Art Foundation Course.

Worcester College, Oxford University; B.A in English and American Literature.

Central St. Martin's School of Art; Advanced Printmaking Course


Grove Prize at Portobello Open Exhibition

Under-30 Prize at Eastern Open Exhibition (awarded by Sister Wendy Becket)

Whatman Prize at National Print Exhibition


Elected member of Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (R.E)
Served as fund-raising steward for Artists' General Benevolent Institution


Art correspondent for The Church Times

Co-founder of, and contributor to, The Illustrated Ape magazine

Regular contributor to Printmaking Today magazine

Handmade Prints (co-authored with Anne Desmet) - a book of low-budget printmaking techniques - published by A. & C. Black


Artist-in-residence at Friends' School, Saffron Walden. Helped launch Saffron Walden Arts week.

Residency at 14th Street Print Workshop, San Francisco, U.S.A.

Artist-in-residence for Cywaith Cymru (Artworks Wales), based at Bush School, Pembroke Dock, Wales

Residency at Fundacion Valparaiso, Almeria, Spain

Artist-in-residence at Brent Artists' Register, London

Exhibtions (1995-present)

8-person show, Woodgates Gallery (East Bergholt, Suffolk, U.K)
Mixed show, Die Wasserturm (Vienna, Austria)
Handmade by Humanoids; solo show, Octopus Gallery (Saffron Walden, U.K)

National Print Exhibition; Mall Galleries (London, U.K)
R.E. members show; Bankside Gallery (London, U.K)
Solo show; Waterstones Gallery (Cambridge, U.K)
Exposition d'art Europeen; mixed show, Cave Poesie (Toulouse, France)
2-person show with Ann Edmonds, Octopus Gallery (Saffron Walden, U.K)
Mixed show, Whiteleys Gallery (London, U.K)

National Print Exhibition; Mall Galleries (London, U.K)
Printmaker of the month; Leicester City Gallery (Leicester, U.K)
R.E. Members show; Bankside Gallery (London, U.K) The Elements, solo show; Phoenix Arts Centre (Leicester, U.K)
Solo show, Octopus Gallery (Saffron Walden, U.K)

National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries (London, U.K)
R.E. Members show, Bankside Gallery (London, U.K)
A picnic in the jungle; 5-person show, Octopus Gallery (Saffron Walden, U.K) Soup of the day, solo show, First Edition (London, U.K)

National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries (London, U.K)
Open Exhibition of the Art of the Imagination, Mall Galleries, (London, U.K) These pictures are inedible; solo show, Salt House Gallery (London, U.K)
R.E. Members show; Bankside Gallery (London, U.K)
All on the Wharf; group show,Trinity Buoy Wharf Gallery (London, U.K) Manhattan Graphics exchange; mixed show, National Arts Club, Gramercy Park
(New York City, U.S.A) Myths and Mayhem; Pembroke Dock Library Gallery (Pembroke Dock, Wales, U.K)

National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries (London, U.K)
Indian Exchange; R.E. Members show, Bankside Gallery (London, U.K)
Shrewsbury Visual Arts Festival, various venues (Shrewsbury, U.K)

National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries (London, U.K)
R.E. Members show, Bankside Gallery (London, U.K)
Printfest (Ulverston, U.K)
High Societies, Pam Schomberg Gallery (Colchester, U.K)
Dirty Fingernails and co., solo show, Changing Room Gallery (London, U.K)

National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries (London, U.K)
R.E. Members show, Bankside Gallery (London, U.K)
PrintFest (Ulverston, U.K)
Artspace, Barn Galleries (Henley-on-Thames, U.K)
Different ways of looking taller (and other tall tales), solo show, Willesden Green
Library Gallery (Willesden, London)

National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries (London UK)
Manchester Art Fair, Urbis (Manchester, U.K)
R.E. Members' show, Bankside Gallery (London, U.K)
Solo show, The Thread Gallery (Cambridge, U.K)
Battersea Arts Fair, BAC (London, U.K)
Christmas Exhibition, Gallery Kaleidoscope (London, U.K)

Mosaic Commissions

(for more information visit www.kenya-mosaic.com)

Somers Town mosaic project (Chalton St., Somers Town, London, U.K)

Camden mosaic project (Everton Buildings, Camden, London, U.K)

Gospel Oak mosaic project (Lawn Rd., Gospel Oak, London, U.K)
Shortlisted for Camden Design Award

Ashdon School mosaic project (Ashdon, Cambridgeshire, U. K)
Gertrude's Garden Children's Hospital mosaic project (Muthaiga, Nairobi, Kenya).
In Collaboration with Juhudi Children's Club.

Harlesden mosaic project (Leopold Road, Harlesden, London, U.K)

The London Hospital mosaic project (The London Hospital, Whitechapel, London, U.K). In collaboration with Vital Arts and Juhudi Children's Club.
Peter's Place mosaic project (Peter's Place, Berwyn, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A)


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